Wholesale Coaching

If you have little or no money to get into real estate, then wholesaling is a great way for you to build your capital so that you can move into other forms of real estate investing.

What if you have money, already?  It still makes sense for you to begin as a wholesaler.  As a wholesaler, you can learn the ropes without putting your capital at risk.  If you buy a property the wrong way in the beginning, that will eat away at your financial resources, if not entirely deplete them.  If you make a mistake as a wholesaler, you are not out very much money.  Not only can you earn while you learn, but more importantly, you can protect yourself from significant loss before you really know what you’re doing.  It eliminates mistakes that could sink you!

So what is wholesaling?  It is finding great buys from motivated sellers & negotiating the best possible price.  Then you sell those deals to the most frugal buyers: landlords and the find, fix, and flip investors.

Our real estate club is focused on helping people learn how to do wholesaling, find/fix/flip, and being a landlord.

We hold our meetings are in Livonia, Michigan on the 2nd Wednesdays of each month, and they focus on the art of wholesaling (finding great investment properties).  With our club membership you get all of the forms and step-by-step seminars on how to do the business.  Past recordings of these real estate investor seminars are made available for members to watch at their convenience and watch them as many times as they’d like.

Our second meeting of the month is in Auburn Hills, Michigan on the 3rd Tuesdays of each month.  With our online club membership you get access to all of the recordings and get to watch the step-by-step seminars on how to do the real estate investing business since all of our meetings are videotaped.  You can even watch them as they’re being recorded on our club’s private Facebook Live event.

These meetings focus on a wide range of topics:

  1. How to setup yourself as a real estate investor and a proper entity, giving you the maximum protection
  2. How to Find, Fix, and Flip
  3. How to Find Great Buys on Apartment Buildings
  4. Understanding Foreclosure Legal Cycle to Buy Properties
  5. How to Buy Properties at Michigan Tax Foreclosures at the Auction
  6. Ways to be where nobody else is looking: the Michigan Forfeiture Market
  7. How to Find Motivated Landlords Who Want to Sell
  8. Tips on How to Survive as a Landlord
  9. How to Inspect Properties
  10. The Art of Negotiating a Great Buy
  11. Panel of Attorneys Answering Real Estate Investors Questions
  12. Get your real estate accounting questions answered.
  13. Tax Changes Affecting Real Estate Investors
  14. Over 20 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers
  15. Finding sellers whose Number One Objective is to sell their property
  16. How to find the right types of properties to buy.

PLUS, our members get access to foreclosure properties from one of the largest mortgage companies in the United States.

  • Ever have that moment where you’ve found a great buy, and you have a motivated seller?  Now you have to strike as quickly as you can.  (You can never take down great deals in slow motion!)
  • Do you know what to do once you’re there?  Do you have the right paperwork to accomplish what you want?
  • You have to come the meeting with the seller with your purchase agreement completed in advance, but not all purchasing agreements are the same.  Some serve your interests and protect you better than others.  Our specialized buyer-favorable purchase agreement is just one of the forms that you will get as a member of our club.
  • While not as important for wholesaling, once you graduate to rehabbing, as a club member, you will be able to take advantage of a discount to Home Depot.  In many parts of the United States, you will also get a special corporate discounted rate on the dumpsters you will need to rent.  (i.e. eviction, rehabbing property, property clean outs, repairing or replacing a roof, etc.)
  • There is certainly more to real estate investing than wholesaling, and we understand that.  That’s why we help you learn how to do other forms of real estate investing, but if you learn how to wholesale properties properly, you will have the right foundation to succeed as an investor.