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Mega Evening Event Real Estate Investors Association

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Mega Evening Event is to provide an interactive networking and learning environment for real estate investors ranging from first time investors to those who are well seasoned in the field. Each individual in the will have the chance to expand their real estate knowledge – while creating or growing a strong network of like-minded investors and professionals who will enhance their business and real estate investing skills & activities.

What is Mega Evening Event?

Mega Evening Event works with corporations and other organizations to enhance our networking platform and enable our members to reap the advantages of real contacts that make substantial differences for real estate investors, real estate professionals and homeowners. Our chief objectives are carried out through our regular monthly meetings, special seminars, investor boot camps and our online tools. We work tirelessly to develop the proper relationships and up-to-date knowledge-base required to educate our members and increase their probability of success in real estate for the long run.

Our approach to networking is to consistently expand and expound upon that knowledge-base so that our members are able to constantly evolve into more and more successful real estate investors and pros. We maintain an inviting and professional environment that includes, not only instruction from professionals and experienced investors, but also encourages one-on-one interaction, where we can all gain from one another’s experiences.

Who Attends and Why?

Those who attend Mega Evening Event come from varying backgrounds & all walks of life, but with one common interest… real estate investing. Participants range from those with limited schooling to those who have advanced degrees. We actively encourage folks with very different backgrounds to come and share their points of view. This only broadens our overall knowledge of goal … real estate investing.

Folks that attend our classes and meetings range from people who simply have a strong interest, but no experience in real estate to those who are very experienced in real estate investing, but like to stay on top of what’s new & trending. Whether members work full time or part time in real estate, they all want to carve out their place in the world of real estate investing. We attract many pros, who in-turn help to bring up the next stage of real estate investors. These people cover the gamut from attorneys to title agents, mortgage brokers or real estate agents, and even building contractors, electricians or plumbers. Anyone that is valuable and useful to real estate investing, and have the knowledge and the expertise to add to our member’s investing success is welcome. Mega Evening Event is a diverse group for anyone who desires to prosper in the real estate market.

Mentoring Programs

Along with classes, seminars and guest speakers, we have educational programs for the entire Metro market. We also offer a mentoring program that is considered to be among the best anywhere! We teach people that are serious about becoming successful real estate wholesalers and flippers how to jump start and build their real estate business.

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