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May 2018

Commercial Property Investing

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From Presentation by Malcolm Turner of Castle Commercial Capital at a recent Mega Evening Event: Here, we’re going to talk about commercial real estate investing; specifically discussing properties with five or more residential units.  Some of the key factors that we will go over include how to avoid mistakes that prevent deals from closing & how to leverage multi-family rentals to get into your first deal. Commercial hard-money starts at about $200,000 and goes up to about $15,000,000.  These loans have no FICO requirements and no tax returns, zero doc.s, no debt-to-income ratios and no debt-service ratios. Lenders are looking strictly at the deal; strictly at the property itself – is it a good property or a bad property? That’s what is holding all the cards.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are what we call agency lenders because these loans are insured by a federal agency.  Freddie Mac has a really good program right now; loan amounts are $750K to $7 million. 75 to 80% max loan to value. Typically they like 75 on a case-by-case will go up to 80. Rates right now are about 5-5 1/2 % depending on the deal.  One thing about commercial this applies to…

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