Considering becoming a member of Mega Evening Event?  This is the perfect real estate networking group for you… IF:

  • You are looking to build a steady income stream from real estate investing?
  • You would like more deals, more profits, and more freedom in your real estate investing?
  • You are interested in rehabbing, flipping, holding or wholesaling houses or apartment buildings?
  • You want more profitable deals without the hassle and headache?
Are you looking to make money investing in real estate?  Would you like to learn the ropes of the real estate game – starting with little or no money?  A lot of slick-talking used-car-seller types will tell you how easy it is… IF you buy their book series or pay hundreds to attend their special one-time seminar (while they’re in your town).  But if you Really want to find out how to succeed in real estate… just join the club!  We’re local, we’re always around, we come together twice every month & provide you with all of the tools you need.  Our experienced investors and professional guests answer your real estate questions directly!  We provide mentoring, essential forms & documents, exclusive discounts (for building materials, tools and dumpster rentals) and a full video library of all of our classes,meetings and seminars.


One of our areas of expertise:

Learning how to correctly wholesale real estate properties.


  • Whether you are new to real estate investing, or an experienced investor, you want to be focused & clear about where you want to go in your investing endeavors. You’ll need to follow a process that has proven results – providing a road map to follow that has worked successfully time after time.  We’re here to lay out that road map for you!
  • It goes without saying that no matter the investment method, you make money in real estate when you buy it right.  If you are going to find, fix, and flip, you have to become efficient at buying properties at the right price.  If want to be a landlord, you have to be excellent at buying properties at the right price.  This holds true for all aspects of real estate investing.

That is one reason you’ll want to start with wholesaling!

If you’re ready to get started learning how to invest in real estate the right way, join our club today!  Scroll down for our membership options.


Very good way to be exposed to all different aspects of real estate investing.

Michelle A.

“Mega Evening Event is a fantastic networking opportunity for both seasoned investors and those just getting started. Friendly, helpful staff that keep us energized and motivated!”

Bill D.

It felt like a really supportive environment.

Jason B.

Good for training, networking and staying up to date on real estate.

Kelly C.

Individual Membership Pricing

Here is what you get each month:

  • 1 person

  • Free Entry to Main Monthly meetings – (3 meetings per month)

  • Discounted Rate for Training Events

  • “Members Only” Website Access 24/7

  • Ability to List up to 25 properties/year for sale on “Investment Properties For Sale page of site

  • Access to archived and current main monthly meeting video recordings and selected training events

  • Over 10 Downloadable Real Estate forms to use on your next deal – available in membership area

  • Added bonuses each month, available in the membership area

$27 per month