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April 2018

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(National Real Estate Network LLC): Real Estate - Other in Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

The Art of Wholesaling and the Science Finding, Fixing and Selling Homes in Michigan

Plus a 10 minute bonus – the Speaker will share about his “Hard Money Program”.

A Panel of 3 Speakers: Q & A on Wholesaling, Plus Find, Fix, & Flip- Tips on how to make money with this game.

Ask you questions like:

·  What is Wholesaling and where do I start?

·  How to get started quickly in Wholesaling?

·  Can you Please walk me through example of a wholesale deal?

·  What are the most common mistakes in doing find fix and flip?

·  What determines what price you pay for the house?

·  How long does it take to master?

·  Are the 20 – 50 k real estate programs worth doing?

·  Where do I go locally to get started?

Event Date: Wednesday, 12th April 2017
Event Start Time: 6:00 PM
Event End Time: 8:30 PM
Location: Michigan Institute of Real Estate (Livonia Location) 17177 N. Laurel Park Drive #101, Livonia, MI 48152
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Disclaimer: Real estate investing by nature is risky. You can win, lose, or break even. We cannot guarantee a profit or loss. We do promise you support and coaching. What you buy is what you buy. The sign up fee is not refundable, and will not be returned. We do not provide legal, accounting, or contracting advice.