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March 2018

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Yvonne Volante article on Lawyer

Did you know that in the USA there are considerably more lawsuits than anywhere else? Here are afew interesting facts:

1. Nine out of ten lawsuits filed in the world are filed in the United States.

2. We have over 800,000 lawyers in the U.S. That is 4 times more than all other lawyers in the world.

3. If you own a business or are in a profession, you stand a one in three chance of being sued this year.

Is there any wonder, then, why so many lawsuits are filed? Ask yourself this question: how do many lawyers make money? Answer: by suing those of you who have something to lose.

So think about what you have to lose. Answer this question: do you have a home, stocks or bonds? How about mutual funds or an annuity? Maybe you won the state lottery or have a nice car or motor home? Or maybe grandma's nice inheritance. Whatever you may have, it's at risk if you get sued.

But lawyers aren't the only ones who can control your destiny.

Did you know that the powers of the Federal government have increased exponentially? This has resulted in the destruction and destruction of your financial privacy.

The best way to control this power grab by the attorneys and the government is to restore the privacy that was granted to you in the U.S. Bill or Rights. These rights were fought for and plenty of blood was spilled for them. Remember, use them or lose them.

So do your homework and make sure you're protected from being sued. A Nevada corporation may be just the thing for you. And with the resources of the internet, you should have no problem finding some help. But first make sure you understand what you are buying. There is also plenty of bad advice out there. And, who knows, you might actually find a lawyer who knows what he's talking about when it comes to asset protection.

About The Author: Yvonne Volante, the author, is a big fan of protecting assets and writes for assetprotectionnv. com, which is the premier asset protection resource on the internet. You can see all of the articles over at http://www.assetpro tectionnv. com

Please use the HTML version of this article at: http://www.isnare. com/html. php?aid=75779