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Pierre Smith article on Internet marketing

Most Experts in the Internet Marketing field would agree that Article Marketing is a very cost effective way to promote yourself or your business. For the beginner, all it costs is time in terms of writing the articles, and as you become a more efficient internet marketer you could possibly outsource some of the writing to various sources. A great benefit of article marketing is its ability to spread virally. For example:

1. You write an article and submit it to one, or more, of the major article directories.

2. Your article is picked up by a newsletter publisher who sends it out to their list with the your information still in tact.

3. One of their readers may use your article as a part of an eBook.

4. Other readers from the various sources you now appear in may use your content for their website.

You know what the best part of this viral effect is? It means you now have developed many one way links to your site to improve your Search engine rankings. The viral nature of your article can also give you great exposure to a wider audience and increase visitors to your site.

You must also ensure that you do not underestimate the opportunities you are provided with, with your articles. Not only are you building your SEO, but you can also position yourself as an expert. Building a level of trust before people have even visited your site can help your conversion rate for whatever product or service you are selling. This increased level of trust can also encourage returning customers and repeat business.

There is also some debate about how often you should write and distribute articles. In the old days, the emphasis was on the quantity of links not the quality. As Search Engines have become more sophisticated in measuring the value of a site, this emphasis is moving towards quality keyword laden articles over quantity. This adds to all the other benefits mentioned above. There is no set quantity of articles you should write, but the more articles you write, the more benefits you will see. If you are concerned about the quality of your own writing, you should consider outsourcing your writing to a ghostwriter.

Articles are a great cost effective way to market your internet business or e-commerce site. Just remember, your articles should be informative in nature and not just a sales letter in disguise. Internet users are becoming much more savvy and impatient for good content.

This article with a lot of information on writing articles to make yourself an expert was brought to you by Pierre Smith. Did you find this information useful? Visit also his website to learn more on writing articles and how to submit your article on a free dating article directory.

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