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Mark Abrahams article on Internet marketing

Secrets of marketing

Actually no secrets of marketing exist. You can market your business online using many different techniques. Some require more work than others and some provide much higher quality leads than others. You need to select a few methods that you feel comfortable with and focus on these. It is very important to track your adverts and measure the amount of leads and sales that you generate so that you can optimize your marketing campaigns.

Traffic Exchanges require a lot of work initially. You need to spend a few hours a day surfing surfing and you will only generate a few leads maybe 2 to four leads. The secret of marketing with traffic exchanges is to use a browser like Firefox where you can use tabbed browsing. You can open up 10 traffic exchanges and surf them simultaneously. Consequently you will get credits from 10 traffic exchanges at the same time. If you recruit a lot of people to use the traffic exchanges you use then you earn credits when they use it.

You can use safelists to market online I don't recommend it to people new to internet marketing. Basically a safe list is a list that someone joins and in return they volunteer to receive emails from other members which will allow them to send adverts to other members. You need to learn to write your email so that they people actually open it since they receive many messages from the different members of the safelist.

People new to internet marketing usually use Free For All Pages(FFA) where they post their links to Free For All pages. However they usually realize quickly that this method does not really work. The secret with FFA pages is to actually host the FFA pages so that when someone posts their link you collect their email address where you can send them your offer.

You can post your adverts to high traffic free classified sites like Craigslist, USfreeads and Gumtree. Make sure that you post in the correct category and you can target your title and content of your adverts to long tail keywords for search engines. You can use the Overture search suggestion and Wordtracker to do your keyword research.

You use a toolbar like Free Traffic Bar and InstantBuzz. You install a toolbar into your browser which displays adverts every time you browse and you collect credits which display your adverts to other users. If you recruit a lot of people to use the toolbar then you earn credits when they use it.

You can piggyback on high traffic websites like Squidoo and Ecademy to create web pages usually indexed within a few days. Do keyword research and target long tail keywords. If you do this correctly you usually can get a top ten ranking within a few days.

Article marketing produces the highest kind of lead where your lead will be ten times more willing to buy from you than other types of marketing. With article marketing your leads already know you from your articles and this establishes trust and credibility. You can submit your articles to popular Ezine article directories like Ezinearticles.

If you would like to use paid methods of marketing you can also use ezine advertising, pay per click advertising and banner advertising.

Would you like to know more about the techniques that have helped me to quit my day job? I have just completed my new guide.

Download it free here: Secrets Of Internet Marketing

Mark Abrahams is a full time internet marketer who has helped others to earn a living online.