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March 2018

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Joel Heim article on Internet marketing

The headlines scream out from emails and websites: MAKE THOUSANDS IN DAYS; PUSH A BUTTON AND WATCH THE CASH ROLL IN; TURN $20 INTO $35,000 IN 60 DAYS.

For many of us stretched to the limit financially, such possibilities are very enticing. We want them to be true. But could they possibly be so? Unfortunately, most are simply outright fabrications. At best they are an atypical examples (perhaps what the originator of the product or system make). These claims often provide the absolute best-case scenario–one person made this much but just about everyone else makes little or loses a lot.

Nevertheless, the web is full of opportunities to make significant money! You can make money working on the net from home. The problem is finding those products and programs which can make you money and avoiding those who simply take your money and any of your customers to which you happen to pass on the product.

Nevertheless, there is a small but growing number of online entrepreneurs who try to do business in ethical ways. Such enterprises believe that more money can be made in the long run by telling the truth as opposed to making quick bucks through deception. Some such companies simply sell quality products services in a straightforward and honest manner.

Other companies are making a living by providing reviews of internet products and services. Such reviews seek to cut through the scams and the hype. On the internet, even very good products seem to be promoted with such hype that they end up misrepresenting themselves. In my experience this causes me to feel deceived when I buy such products and consequently to have a negative attitude toward the seller. A few companies would rather tell you what the product actually is and does and also what you would have to do to make the product work. This is opposed to deceiving you into buying something because you have been tricked into thinking it is something that it is not. No product is perfect. No product will solve all your problems and suddenly make you a millionaire without you doing any work. In fact, to make money on the internet, like any other business, you must work at it. If a promotion tells you can make lots of money by simply pushing a button, you are being deceived. Oh you may indeed need to push that button, but that will not be all there is to it.

Those who seek to conduct business on the internet in an ethical way are convinced that it is not best to con people into buying products of which they fail to understand the true nature. Unfortunately, it appears that currently the dishonest marketers make most of the money, while those engaging in ethical practice struggle to survive. Consequently, such marketers need the help of consumers. If you would like to be treated with honesty as you try to make money on the web, then such consumers need to reward honest marketers by signing-up for the free products on such website and purchasing products for sale from such sites. Consumers who appreciate such treatment need to tell others about such sites as well. Together honest marketers and consumers could prove that honesty is the best policy.

If you will work with honest companies and you are willing to put in a little effort, you can do well with your home business. You can make money at home. It is up to you. Are you satisfied with your current income and lifestyle? If you want to change your life for the better, try these opportunities and products from honest brokers! Unlike others, such marketers will tell you the TRUTH. This truth includes the reality that most people do not make as much money as the ads claim and it usually takes investment and it takes some time to build up to significant income levels. Moreover, if you want to succeed, it will take more of your time and effort than you are usually told. The major reason people fail to succeed is that they give up far too soon.

Before buying a product look for reviews of that product. Especially, look for reviews that will tell the weaknesses of a product even when the still recommend the product. More than likely such products will work, despite their limitations However, you will still need to put in the effort, use the products as you are instructed, and stay with them long enough for them to work! Moreover, having such reviews before you purchase will give you a more clear understanding of the product and prevent you from feeling like you were mislead or deceived.

DO NOT BUY MONEY-MAKING PRODUCTS ON YOUR OWN! Many are scams and at best they misrepresent themselves. Yes, we all want to make money, but BE SMART! ONLY buy products where you cab first get reviews and from merchants that you know you can trust. While there are other good products in the marketplace, it is difficult to distinguish the good from the scams. The good products can make you some good cash. The bad will simply cause you to throw your money away! Make the smart choice.

Joel Heim or Accer as he is known online seeks to make money online in ways that are honest and ethical. You can explore his efforts at

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