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Writing Online Article - The Key to Early Success in Marketing Your Website

Anyone can own a website but not everyone knows how to get the traffic you need to improve your search engine ranking. Because of this millions of websites go unnoticed. It really doesn't matter how good your products or professional services are if you are not even seen. You need people to take notice as soon as your business starts and to start clicking links to your site. Article marketing has a proven track record in creating prequalified visits to your website.

Article marketing is useful for generating inbound back linking to your site which improves your page ranking in the search engines. The more of these natural one way back links to your site, the more search engines recognise that your site is important or valuable. What is great about article marketing is that at the same time you generate content that people place in prominant places on their websites. So not only do you get a free inbound back link you also get your articles placed on related websites that have potentially the same customer base as you would wish for. So the people reading your article are already prequalified and so are far more likely to click on your link and visit your service.

Articles submitted to article directories achieve a higher rate of back links to your site because of the exponential use of these sites and remain available for reprint for people specifically looking for great content for their website or newsletter. Articles that you write display a link to your site at the end of the text, encouraging readers to click for more information or helpful advice. The simple fact they chose to read your article means that the likelyhood of them clicking your link once finishing the article is increased exponentially.

Using article directories to market your site is extremely popular currently, especially with the advent of rss feeds. Website owners have never been so hungry for good quality content to supply the demand of their visitors. Its important to remember, however, that you are targeting people as well as the search engines and so your article should provide something of value to the reader rather than use crafty tactics to manipulate your website's search engine ranking.

Search engines are more sophisticated than ever and they now take notice of keyword heavy content which can be deemed as keyword spamming. Some, such as Google, are starting to require articles and web content that rely on good quality content and hence put the reader before ranking.

Before you start sending out articles to directories, make sure that the information provided or the advice you've written is interesting and accurate. Add some keywords into your article, but allow the keywords to enhance your writing rather than trying to trick the search engine. People will notice poor content and may turn readers away. Remember, if you write good quality articles that people rely on, then they will more likely come back to you to find more articles in the future.

Article marketing has a proven track record in creating prequalified visits to your website. stands out from the crowd. Its a unique online venue where website owners and readers come for great articles written by you. Its free to join and we guarantee increased visitors to your website.