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L Sampson article on Credit Repair

If you've decided that a debt consolidation service can help you regain control of your finances and pay off your creditors, you'll want to choose the best company. As you browse different debt consolidators, compare their services and fees. Before you pick a debt consolidation service, make sure it offers these three things:

A free quote or estimate

Any company that wants cash from you immediately- -before even reviewing your paperwork--is probably unscrupulous. Legitimate debt consolidators usually offer a free quote or estimate. At no charge to you, they'll look over your bills, creditors and financial situation. Then, once they've reviewed your case, they'll assess your costs--including their fees and charges--and give you a quote. After that, you can decide for yourself if you want to hire the company to help you consolidate your debt.

Email, mail AND phone contact

Be wary of any company that only has email or snail mail as their contact information. You'll want to make sure that the company has a phone number available on their website. Call the number and see if a real person--not just a voice mail service--answers. Speak with the representative and check to see if they're knowledgeable and courteous. Chances are you'll be assigned a "case manager," too. Make sure you will get this individual's direct phone number or extension.

The service you need

Some companies will only help you organize your bills and negotiate with your creditors. Others will help you consolidate your debt into one monthly payment (which you pay to them, and then they split between your creditors). And some even have credit repair services that can help improve your credit score. Make sure the company you choose has the resources and expertise to help you fulfill your needs.

Be sure to compare a few different debt consolidators when you're choosing the one for you. Just remember: before signing on with any debt consolidation company, make sure they offer a free price quote, live customer service and the services you need.

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