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March 2018

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(National Real Estate Network LLC): Real Estate - Other in Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

A $300/hour Internet Consultant Reveals....
"The Secrets of Running a Profitable Internet Business
Private Invitation Only
The Webinar is Over...

But You can Watch the Replay Here

If you cannot see the video, you may need to install Adobe Flash Player.

If the video play-back is not smooth, you can click the pause button and wait a few minutes as it loads into the background.

This replay may be taken down at any time. Please watch ASAP.

You will discover:

Getting the Right Products: How to select the best product to sell on the Internet. There is one factor that is infinitely more important than keywords!

Making People Want to Buy from You on the Internet: How to write copy for the Internet and yes it is much different than writing a letter or display ad.

6 Simple Steps for 6 Figures: The 6 simple steps we are going to cover in our 6-Figure Internet Secrets training. You are going to get an overview of EXACTLY what each step is in your paint-by-numbers system that will teach you how to have fun while being paid handsomely.

What Other Students Are Saying: You are going to hear from one of our students, who has been successfully selling his products via the Internet using the secrets that we share in our 6-Figure Internet Secrets System. (You might even pick up a tip or two you can use in selling your own products.

Driving People to Your Site: The best way to drive free traffic to your website.. and no it is not writing articles or using Facebook. This secret was responsible for a Google ranking for the words "small business class" 4th out of a 160,000,000 websites... all within 12 hours!

6 Free Tools: The 6 best free tools available to make your website more profitable.

Copy of Winning Ads: that are already generating profits and model them for your own success

Best Use of Internet: What is the best marketing use of the Internet? Split test! We will show you how.

If you'd like to register for the class, call 248-939-6232